Thursday, June 3, 2010


I have always have a creative side. Cayden brought it out even more. I began scrapbooking, and painting items for his room while I was still preganant. I have always admired photogrphers, and the true gift that talented ones have. I have wondered what it would take, and if I had "it". I was blessed to be able to get a Canon 50D, and I am in love! I am really considering pursuing photgraphy, and seeing if I can find my niche. In reasearching equipment, I came across Epiphanie bags, and what a great find it was! Totally stylish. I wanted to share with you a free giveaway going on now. Read about it and visit Epiphanie, I am sure you will like what you see too!


My baby is one, and I cannot believe it! What is more unbelievable is I have watched the transformation from baby to toddler overnight. Suddenly he was more into his toys and how they work. Making sounds for his trucks, pushing them around the house (and into things), and knows that pieces fit together. He received a drum with a lid and other musical instruments inside. He was playing with it the other morning, found his drumsticks and then realized there was no lid. He began to look around the room, spotted it, half walked/crawled to it and brought it back attempting to place it on the base. He was able to partially place the top on, and smiled brightly and began to beat the drums. He has not mastered walking yet, but can take significant amounts of steps across the living room. He is now to the point of getting back up to walk after he falls. I love watching his chubby feet walk across the carpet. Here are some pictures from his birthday. We had a "Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar" theme, and it turned out great!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

6 months

6 month stats:
18.6 LBS 75% (4 mo 16 LBS and 26in)
28.8 in 95%

I can not believe that we are already to the halfway point. Time has gone by so quickly. I look at pictures from just 2 months ago and see how my little boy has changed. He is growing.

Milestones: He says "mama" and "dada", rolling over like crazy. Likes to eat, but I think he likes the idea of it more than the actual food. He is a very messy eater. He has had sweet potatoes, pears, applesauce, and carrots. Still working on sitting up on his own. Loves to sleep, eat, play (but not to long). GG (my grandma) got him a saucer, and he REALLY likes to play in that. He spins around and sucks on every toy available. Still no teeth yet, I am just waiting for one to break through any day now.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

~Trick or Treat~

Happy Halloween from Little Miss Muffet and her spider

Sunday, September 20, 2009